How to Report Changes to the TABC for Your Texas liquor License or Permit


Congratulations! You have a Texas liquor license. You are in business and have the authority to buy and sell alcohol. The work is over right?

Unfortunately, no. As a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) liquor license or permit holder, you have the ongoing responsibility to maintain that permit, including renewing the permit every two years and updating the TABC if any of the information you provided when you initially acquired the liquor license has changed.

 Managing changes in the information provided to the TABC is super important because of the severe potential consequence of failing to do so: CANCELLATION.

To help you keep an active, updated TABC liquor license or permit, we detailed how to identify whether a change to your information reported to the TABC will occur and, if so, what forms to use to notify the agency.

Identifying Changes to Your TABC Permit

Before taking any step that will result in a change to the location, premises, ownership, financing, or to any information previously provided to the TABC, we strongly recommend that you carefully think through whether the change is authorized and, if it is, how and when to report the change(s) to the TABC.

Start by reviewing your TABC file, which should include your original application that you submitted to the TABC (the original On-Premises Prequalification Packet, the Location Packet, and the Business Packet), any of the documents described below, and your latest renewal.

If that step that you are contemplating will change any information on file with the TABC, you must then figure out how to report it appropriately — which is sometimes before the change even happens.

Again, make sure this is part of your process before executing any decisions that will result in a change. Failure to report a change at the right time can result in the TABC cancelling your permit.

How to Report Updates to the TABC

Now that you have confirmed that some piece of information you previously provided the TABC is going to change, the next step is to figure out how to report that change.

Most changes must be reported to the TABC using additional forms provided by the agency. These types of changes generally require one of three forms: the On-Premise Prequalification Packet (TABC Form L-ON), the Location Packet for Reporting Changes for Retailers (TABC Form L-LRC), or the Business Packet for Reporting Changes (TABC Form L-BRC).

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we give more details on these forms, including which form to use for what change.

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